Branding & Graphic Design

Your Brand Is What People Remember!

An impressive logo, business card and brochure represents your brand.

  1. A clean, simple text oriented logo speaks louder for your products & services
  2. Hook your customers by offering your business card and brochure
  3. Graphics, Presentations & ebooks that relate to your products and services
  4. Banners, Posters, Tags for your Events and Promotions
  5. Increase your exposure offline to drive customers back to your online site


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Designed for Web & Printing

If you are looking to establish a strong brand presence whether online or offline, then you must get a logo design that has a clean text and soothing color. Our expert design and brand management team will work closely with you to create an original concept for the logo. We will also create color branding for all your print items such as business cards, banners, posters, presentations, ebooks and brochures. With every design we make sure that it has call to action and modern flare to attract maximum attention from your customers. Our prices are affordable and you can jump start your marketing by buying the packages below.

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    Logo Brand Design

    Logo represents the services or product you are promoting and that is why it is important to design an original concept that resonates with your vision. Our brand designers will research your niche to find the right color, design concept and compelling ideas while designing your logo. You get 4 sample concept designs based on your initial input and 2 sets of revisions over the selected final design.

    Price: $275



    Business Card Design

    Whether in a meeting or socializing offline, the only item that you can carry and is handy to offer to your potential customers, associates or investors is your business card. We design your business card with eye catching call to action phone number, email, website and address. You get both the sides designed in a print ready format along with color branding. 1 set of revision included.

    Price: $99


    Flyer | Poster | Banner Design

    When promoting your business, it is a great idea to hand over printed material to your new and existing customers. If in a conference or organizing meetings, a stand up banner and posters are a great way to promote your company. You can either get a 1 sided 4x5 postcard size flyer, or a Poster design (any size) or a stand up banner design. We offer 1 set of revision on the first draft.

    Price: $120


    Brochure | eDesign | Presentation

    Get more exposure and convey your message to your audience with a brochure design. Begin with a 2 page brochure or a tri fold brochure design. Even if you are looking to get an email brochure (web friendly) to send it or upload it to your website, we can get a 5 page designed right away. Also, If you are doing presentations, we can design a 5 slide ppt/PDF/Web friendly versions for easy access. All designs come with 1 revision.

    Price: $250


    Booklet | Folder Design

    As a known fact, you will get maximum attention from your clients and customers (especially for corporate clients), if you either offer them a booklet or a folder design. We use color branding with call to action content placement. Get started with a 2 side design booklet along with 2 page insert designs or a 4 page booklet design. You get 1 thorough revision on our first draft.

    Price: $450


    QR Code | Social Media Icons

    Want to keep pace with technology? Then start using advanced matrix QR code that can be easily scanned using a cell phone to visit your website. This can be easily printed on your car doors, business cards, brochures, banners etc. OR if you want social media icons that looks similar to your website design, then we can design custom social media icons for you.

    Price: $99